Smart Cities

The smart city solutions powered by the ThingSphere Platform place specific emphasis on the efficient use of the road infrastructure, public service facilities, and smart buildings.

Coordinated with our platform, smart meters, sensors, and device passages can be utilized for observing extensive electrical power dissemination, utilization of water, gas emanations, heavy traffic, and some other activities in the cities.

We help industries enhance their operational capabilities by overseeing the locations/paths and track their consignments in transit and also at rest and various other resources as well to manage stock, equipment, understand usage, and plan and guide employees. Our Track and Trace solution serves as a key gateway to digest data from consignments in transit and monitor minute and ephemeral insights.

With the IoT availability, once the innovation happens the entire city will be recycled progressively. There will be continuous real time monitoring and versatile choice of city assets, like power, water, transportation, common services and emergency workers. Being a standout amongst the most complete IoT arrangements in the field, we empower secure, real time compatibility, in different infrastructure frameworks, sensors and devices. Also provides total flexibility in personal cloud deployments and source code alterations attributable to its open-source nature.

  • Smart meter networks
  • Smart grid automation
  • Pipeline infrastructure monitoring
  • Smart lights and Wi-Fi zones
  • Emergency escalation systems
  • IoT-powered waste management
  • Ecology monitoring systems

The ThingSphere platform enables construction of open transportation and traffic administration arrangements that consequently react to traffic waves from street clogs, accidents, and emergencies by adjusting traffic lights, the number of assigned routes, or public transport timetables. Our platform enables residents to monitor all parts of the city and streets from their cell phones progressively and predictably.

  • Real-time traffic monitoring
  • Road conditions monitoring
  • Incident management
  • Public transportation tracking
  • Passenger load management
  • Smart traffic lights
  • Smart parking

Smart structures are a primary construct for reasonable energy saving techniques of a city, current living standards, and an active work life. We offer a heap of IoT solutions that can be quickly executed for smart and connected building arrangements of any sort; from a merged atmosphere management framework through systems of connected sensors and HVAC hardware to individual IoT-prepared working environments.

  • Internal climate management
  • IoT-equipped doors
  • Smart conference halls
  • Office transportation
  • Smart workplace
  • Automated food delivery
  • Security monitoring
  • Office asset management

The future cities without hurdles will not just be proficient but also enable their natives with easy access to current innovation and IoT advancements. With smartphone based approaches presented by our platform, residents can be easily notified about most recent happenings in the city, crowded areas, average estimated time in a queue to avail any public service, traffic updates and situations as well. Additionally, this platform can be used for generating some smart solutions on street like smart street signs, smart hoardings, surveillance cameras, and much more.

  • Live city cameras
  • Online access to public services
  • Online city event maps
  • Real-time traffic and crowd maps
  • Interactive street signs
  • Smart advertisement boards
  • Bike/car sharing system
  • Personal/asset tracking systems