Our Platform

We provide a IoT PaaS to quickly creating and working an enormous information, rightly foresee analytics,AI/machine learning.We also additionally offer a group of configurable and extensible SaaS applications designed and work on its PaaS.

Data Analytics

There is a huge data generated each and every second through which our software produces results in the form of graphs and charts.

Real Time Messaging Framework

Characterize application and stage warnings, empowering clients or stage executives to be educated quickly about abnormal conduct.

Data Processing

Essentially managed data processing pipelines fastened via automatic scaling cloud computing framework to convey quick processing speed and security with high advantages and simplicity.

On Premise Edge System

Our application determines the flow of traffic and process the data to the place it has been created rather than copying it to the cloud and this ultimately reduces the traffic.

Sensor integration

Absorb information from sensors, client, endeavor frameworks, and operational frameworks utilizing a versatile and adaptable design. Information from various sensors that may not be similar are preprocessed and merged to improve the response.