IoT Applications

Our expertise from device to cloud and enterprise applications to big data analytics enables us to architect and implement end-to-end secure commercial-ready IoT applications at a larger scale. Our solutions integrate the best of our as well as industry components to provide seamless actionable insights.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive management works beyond the regular rule base frameworks by using machine learning to figure out the breakdowns in prior. The algorithms used examines the significant data like structured and unstructured data, asset management, sensor relation data. The unsupervised machine learning algorithm allows the operators to detect the unusual activities.

Energy Management

The AI/Machine learning algorithms used helps in determining the energy savings possibility in day to day life and consecutively take some real time action to lessen the vitality costs. The algorithms analyze numerous kinds of things like sensor, power consumption, building working information, climate predictions and much more.

Fraud Detection

Fraud detection application uses modern AI/Machine learning algorithms to identify the false actions of the clients and the business partners as well. The algorithms finds any suspicious activities with great accuracy to make a complete use of the analyst and examiner endeavors. Through AI/machine learning based relationship among dissimilar organization systems and very frequent transactions, this application sets up false on screen actors and advanced version of support pipeline management for the clients.

Customized CRM

The CRM application uses AI/Machine Learning algorithms to drive operational magnificence, high profits in sales, promotions and customer care. It is nowhere like the usual ones which requires man work to predict the outcome and organize the tasks. It also predicts the client accelerations and call for the delays where meanwhile the related team can look upon the issues before it affect the client.

Sensor Monitoring

It uses next level AI/Machine learning algorithms to foresee the sensor breakdowns, distinguish sensor and network issues. It notifies the operators with emergency tones and alarms them in order to take precautions in advance. The algorithms used will alert about the machines that are prone to breakdown.

Fleet management

We provide all the solutions related to the fleet management right from tracking the vehicle to reducing the cost of travel.