Industry 4.0


With years of experience under the hood, we understand that for most Factories and Enterprises the key requirements are adaptability, better utilization of resources, client orientation, maintainability and security.

ThingSphere enable them with robotics and advanced technology, IoT, analytics and the cloud - that seamlessly integrate with their existing infrastructure.

Automation, analytics and connected manufacturing equipments can pave the way for most Manufacturers and Organizations for optimizing their existing resources - which directly translates to profits. With the ThingSphere platform they can tap into the well connected universe of smart production lines and Industry 4.0 and enable themselves for unlock unused potential from existing resources.

Each equipment, product and manufacturing process can be observed and enhanced in real time. This information, when juxtaposed with other sets of available information like the condition of production equipment, sources supply, and requirement of the product - can be used for any amounts of optimizations and assessments imaginable.

By empowering manufacturers to unlock unused potential from their widely developing portfolios of mechanical sensors, in order to enhance resource usage and intelligently manage production lifecycles we aid them to decrease the costs on their workflow and optimize the time to showcase as well. Our platform comes with seamless upgrade system capabilities, safety and security built at its core, which makes it widely adoptable.

Our platform is proven to be robust and integrates well with legacy systems like SNMP, BACnet, MODBUS in order to convey significant, real time information and insights from your processes. With features like programmability and real-time analytics at the slight of their hands, your administrators can diagnose faults and build upon existing features to solve more use cases for your business.

Performance Monitoring

Our platform seamlessly monitors performance of key components and machineries. Our real time messaging frameworks, database and analytics system working together - ensures you can track key metrics and throughput at your convenience.

Preventive Measures

Through our performance reports, the operators can foresee the breakdown in early stages and can take preventive measures ahead of time. Real-time tracking and insights make sure that normal operational thresholds for each equipments are recorded and monitored.

Industrial Analysis

Real time analytics ensure that the operator can monitor the performance and predict the failure of equipments and workflows accordingly. Our platform goes through information generated by instrumented equipment in your plant in order to provide visibility into factors that contribute to lost productivity. In the long run, you can utilize the prescriptive analytics to enhance the quality of production processes, components, materials and products.