Scaling at ThingSphere – Beyond 1 Million Connected Devices


At ThingSphere we are obsessed about the concept of infinity – when it comes to scaling.

With the advent and growth of IoT enabled devices, a new frontier in terms of scalability of software and hardware systems emerged. As we all might have seen cases of IoT platforms and their poor performances when there is a huge number of concurrent connected devices. At ThingSphere, our obsession with infinity makes us push our system to its limits. It’s not just the stack alone – we had to push our hardware, the operating system and the limits it places on network throughput. And at the end – we pride ourselves on our ability to scale and have addressed this issue in an efficient manner. (more…)

WhitePaper – Beyond 1 Million Connected and Active Devices over MQTT

Benchmark Overview

At ThingSphere, we hustle to innovate beyond barriers for a connected, digital world powered by IoT.

We frequently come across vendors and solution providers who have difficulty scaling their products beyond a limit. However, we believe, with IoT based systems – any kind of finite limit for a product hinders the kind of problems that the platform can solve.

This benchmark of ThingSphere is aimed towards technologists to imagine what is possible when you have the ThingSphere stack in your infrastructure.


What does it take to build a smart city

There is a close relation between urbanization and development. Most countries have moved from developing to developed, as their population has moved to cities. This is not that difficult to understand as human intellectual growth, and civilization development has got a lot to do with collaboration. Homo Sapiens, for example, is a book which talks about these concepts in detail. Cities offer a relatively dense way for humans, often from different backgrounds to collaborate and progress is made, development happens. (more…)

Women In Tech

Women have a lot of roles to play throughout their lives.  From being born a daughter to being a mom’s (even dad’s) BFF or from being a loving wife to being a supermom! (more…)

5 Benefits of IOT – for “We, The People”

In the previous blog, I had covered the benefits for IOT for businesses. Carrying the thought to completion, let’s look at the benefits IOT is bringing about to end consumers – to We, the people. (more…)

5 Business Benefits of IOT

There are lots of predictions, lots of analysis about the business benefits of IoT. IBM had been running a “Smarter Planet” campaign for years and years. Sci-Fi movies have been showcasing all kinds of connected sensors, devices, cars, robo-humans. IOT has been in human imagination for a long time. (more…)

Industrial IoT

What Is Industrial IoT?

Everyone is well-aware of IoT which is nothing but connecting devices using the internet. IIoT (Industrial IoT) uses a similar concept where the machinery is connected using the internet with the help of advanced analytics platforms.   (more…)

Internet of Things

IoT and Performance

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is an ecosystem of physical things that can be accessible through the internet. A thing in IoT could be anything with an assigned IP address and have the ability to collect, transfer data over a network without any manual assistance and intervene. (more…)

Connected Vehicles

What is Fleet Management?

Logistics companies use fleet management in order to manage the vehicles that are used in transportation be it delivery, pickup or both. Fleet management is primarily used by transportation network companies, E-commerce companies, and other companies where transportation is the key. Fleet management works with all kinds of transport mediums like air, water and land. (more…)